Mollie Johnston, MD
Los Angeles, CA

Morris Levin, MD
San Francisco, CA

Ali Makki, DMD


Loma Linda, CA

Jim Nagy, MD
Program Co-Chairperson

Las Vegas, NV

Alan Rapoport, MD
Founding Chairman
Los Angeles, CA​

Bert B. Vargas, MD
Program Co-Chairperson

Dallas, TX

About the Headache Cooperative of the Pacific

Board of Directors (Jan 2018)  

Susan Hutchinson, MD

HCOP President

Irvine, CA

Kenneth Moore, DDS

HCOP Vice President

Roseville, CA

Ben Frishberg, MD

HCOP Treasurer

San Diego, CA

Judy Lane, MD
HCOP Secretary

Program Co-Chairperson
Denver, CO

​Jack Schim, MD
HCOP Immediate Past President
San Diego, CA

Robert P. Cowan MD

HCOP Past President

Palo Alto, CA

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