To promote education and understanding of headache in the medical and lay community in the western United States

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LIST SERVE DISCLAIMER: The mission of Headache Association of the Pacific, Inc., doing business as Headache Cooperative of the Pacific (“HCOP”), is to promote scientific and clinical education and advancement in the field of headache medicine.  HCOP membership is open to all healthcare providers who treat, and all healthcare researchers who study, headache patients. HCOP maintains this List Serve solely for the benefit of its members to allow them to post questions and engage in discussion of clinical and research issues.  All clinical descriptions and discussions of treatment options and outcomes (i) are strictly hypothetical and theoretical in nature; (ii) are intended solely for the educational benefit of HCOP members; and (iii) may not be used in any legal capacity whatsoever, including but not limited to establishing a standard of care or providing a basis for expert opinion or testimony.  All treatment discussions and suggestions are made without the benefit of first-hand patient examination or diagnosis and may not be used or relied upon by treatment professionals or patients as treatment advice.  Responders cannot be held responsible or liable for the outcome of any specific treatments or cases based on the discussions herein.  Patient care is the sole responsibility of the healthcare provider involved in the provider/patient relationship.  No discussion herein may be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the express written consent given in advance by all persons involved.  The discussions herein have no affiliation with any drug or device companies. 

HCOP is modeled after the very successful Headache Cooperative of New England (HCNE) and under the guidance of HCOP Founding President, Steven Graff-Radford D.D.S., and Founding Director Alan Rapport M.D., HCOP has been incorporated as a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote communication and spread headache information among headache caregivers and researchers, to provide headache education for non-headache specialists, and to increase understanding of headache in the community. Membership is open to all types of headache caregivers and we encourage our patients to form community support groups. 

To support access to excellent headache care

To support communication among headache providers and researchers

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Headache Cooperative of the Pacific

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The Headache Cooperative of the Pacific (HCOP) was formed in the summer of 2007 in response to a growing desire for better communication and education among healthcare providers who treat headache patients.